Positive Thinking

Positive Mental Attitude


First of all, it’s very important for you, to know that your mental attitude controls

your world, to realize that your own mind controls the entire universe as you perceive it. That’s literally all aspects of your life. We are all prisoners of the way we think, and most of us don’t

know this because the workings of our minds are almost completely invisible to us. We

have never learned to use our mind to find out how our mind is affecting us.


Let’s spend a few minutes to learn the three major ways that your mind controls your world. Now, by your mind, I mean basically your personality, your thoughts, feelings, attitudes and beliefs about yourself and the world around you. You should know that your mind, your belief system, literally controls what you can experience and what you can’t. It does this in three ways. 1) The way you think keeps you from being aware of many things that happen to you and around you. You can only be aware of events that fit what you think is so. When things happen to you that you don’t believe possible, your mind either distorts what you experience so it does fit what you believe, or your mind blanks out the entire experience. 2) The way you think about yourself and others controls everything you do, especially the way you act to other people. And they react to you accordingly. However you expect other people to treat you will happen and you don’t realize how much you cause these reactions in other people. 3) Just as other people simply react to you in just the way you expect, the entire universe does the same. I’m talking now about what you might call luck, or good fortune. As soon as you really expect a good life, and feel deep within yourself that you deserve the best, then the entire world will seem to help you achieve your goals. And if your doubt yourself, and expect the worst, then the entire world around you will seem to work against you. Here’s more information for you on these three ways that your mind controls your life, along with some examples.


First of all, your mind totally controls everything you see, feel, hear and smell. If you were to take a tiny kitten and keep it inside a box painted with horizontal stripes, this kitten would grow up blind to vertical lines. It would walk right into chair legs and fence posts! All of us have similar blind spots, and we are usually unaware of them. And, like the kitten, we develop our blind spots when we are very young. Suppose, for example, that you feel secure and self-confident, and you do something really well. Maybe you get new clothes and dress up, look your very best. And then someone compliments you and tells you how good you look. Now you feel good about yourself, and you say to yourself “I really do look good, and this person is obviously sincere. It feels good to have other people notice me”. But suppose now that someone else dresses up, someone who feels bad about themselves. What happens now when they get a compliment? They might say to themselves “Oh, if this person only knew! I may look good on the outside but if they really knew what I was like they wouldn’t like me”. Or, the person might

say “Well, I wonder what they want, flattering me like that”. The circumstance is exactly the same in both cases – you dress up and you get a compliment. If you feel good about yourself you enjoy it. And if you feel bad about yourself, you find some way to feel bad about being complimented. Your feelings about yourself control the way the outside world seems to you. Now, as you start to feel more and more positive about yourself as you use this tape, you will notice a surprising change in your life. The world around you will seem to change, people will seem friendlier, and your surroundings more cheerful. And yet, you will realize that things haven’t really changed at all, it’s just that you have changed. Sometimes it’s hard to know what is changing, you or the world around you.


Now let’s talk about how you affect the way people react to you. Let’s use the

same example as before, in which you receive a compliment, and you like it. You show

your warmth and appreciation, and the other person says to themselves “Wow, that feels

good! I’ll make sure to do this again!” And now, suppose you react to the compliment

with embarrassment, or suspicion. What does the other person say to themselves? “OH-oh, what

a reaction – no more compliments from me.” So you don’t get any more compliments after

a while. Which of course lets you feel even worse about yourself.


I think that you understand what I mean, and possibly have examples of your own from your own experience. You can expect, as you use this tape, to notice some real and positive changes in the people around you. You can expect them to react to you with more warmth and to support you more.


Finally, let’s talk about how the universe gives you exactly what you think you should have. Now you may think this sounds far out, like there really is good luck or magic. Try to remember that I’m talking to you now about what I believe, based on what has happened to me and to many other people. When you make up your mind to do something, really and totally commit yourself, the entire world helps you. People come into your life at just the right time, the things you need appear, and opportunities come along out of nowhere. Whether you believe this or not doesn’t matter. What’s important is that you are listening to this tape right now, and that you are doing exactly the right thing at this moment. So for the present time at least the universe is giving you exactly what you want. Even if this doesn’t seem to make sense to you right now, be patient. It may make more sense later, after you have used this tape for a while.


Now let’s talk about your self-image, about the way you think and feel about yourself. Whatever your self-image is, whether you think you are all right or somehow all wrong, usually depends a lot on what happened to you when you were very young. Now it’s true that you can change this early programming, in fact you are changing it right now. Everything you say, feel, think and do is continually changing your way of thinking. But, like the kitten I talked about earlier, the chances are that most of your self-image and your way of viewing the world was programmed into you when you were very young. This happened mostly before you were five years old, when your mind was open and you were most able to be influenced by the people in your life. At that

time you believed almost everything that people told you. And you got a lot of messages. Sometimes you heard words, sometimes you sensed attitudes or feelings, and sometimes you just knew how people like your parents felt about you. Remember how sensitive you were when you were very young? It took you a while to become less sensitive. And once you did become less sensitive, you found it harder to change. Now this is where audio recordings can really help you. When you listen to a recording many times, you are receptive, just like when you were little. You find it easy when you listen repeatedly to change yourself, and you also feel totally safe and secure. You know that you are in control, that you are able to accept the suggestions you want and to ignore or reject those you don’t want. You find that the suggestions you accept beam directly into your inner mind, where they affect you most powerfully. You may not even recall these suggestions after the recording ends. All you know is that you feel good and that your life is changing for the better.


Here is your recording. https://soundcloud.com/truefortunes/positive-thinking


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