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There are three aspects to faith that make it essential to your happiness; faith in a higher power, faith in other people, and faith in yourself.

Faith in a higher power is one key to happiness.  You don’t have to be in a certain religion, and you don’t need a defined belief system.  All you need is the awareness that there are forces and powers far beyond what we can understand, that we are limited and finite.

Faith in other people means that you trust others to behave in exactly the way that is appropriate for them.  Most people don’t change very much, especially after they grow up.  They develop specific and clearly identifiable patterns of behavior, and they stick to these patterns no matter what happens.  So if someone is almost always kind to you, you can have faith in them to be nice to you in the future.  If someone behaves dishonestly to people, then you can have faith in them to do the same to you.  Makes life easy.  I have just shared with you the secret to predicting what people are most likely to do.  This knowledge alone can greatly increase your ability to deal with other people.

Faith in yourself is the most important of all.  Your attitude about yourself was inborn; the mixed genes of your ancestors.  Then your self-image was burnished and shaped by the way you were brought up.  But that was a while back.  You have been in charge for quite a while now, only you may not have realized it.  That’s what these articles are all about.  You learn how to take control of your thoughts and your life, how to achieve the prosperity and happiness that is your birthright.

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