The Holiday Blues

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how to survive the holiday blues

It’s not uncommon.  Many people feel “down” during the Christmas Holidays.  So you are not alone.

It’s usually a feeling of loneliness, not having a close relationship. A feeling of being left out.   Compounded by memories of a childhood when holidays were not exactly happy occasions.  Like many of us, you may have been brought up in a distinctly dysfunctional family.  Growing up was difficult.  You may have experience cruelty, or neglect, or worse.  Now you are grown up, and have left all that behind you.  Except when the memories sneak up on you and there is no better time for that then the holidays.

So there you are, trying to be cheerful and happy just like everyone else around you.  What you don’t know is how many of the people around you are experiencing much the same thing as you are.  If you could only ask them how they are really feeling you would be surprised.  You would find that you have a lot of company.

What can you do to feel better?  Here are some suggestions:

Look into SAD, seasonal affective disorder.  Some people get seasonal depression, usually related to there being less light in the winter.  Exposure to brighter lighting can help clear this up.

Ask yourself if you have unreasonable expectations for the holidays.  Too many parties and commitments?  An obligation to buy gifts when you budget is already tight?  Check out your stress level.  Then sit down and logically decide what you can change to reduce your stress.

Most important… have more contact with friends.  Especially a friend you can talk with openly and honestly about what you are feeling.  Feelings of depression often accompany feelings of isolation.  Maybe you have become somewhat reclusive.  Or maybe you have a lot of people in your life but no one who is close, no one you can tell how you are really feeling.  Promise yourself to get together with your closest friend, and tell them about your true feelings.  You will be amazed at what happens.

Something else you can do is to download “The Happiness Handbook” from Kindle.  This guide to happiness is chock full of useful information and includes 15 audio recordings you can download, all for free.  I guarantee that this reading and listening experience will bring back your sense of security and power. hardware&ie=UTF8&qid=1445052338&sr=8-15&keywords=the+happiness+handbook

Last resort… call or write me., 310-396-5459.  I promise to respond to you.  We can email or talk by phone.  I would truly like to hear from you.

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