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The Complete Happiness Handbook – Now on Kindle!

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Nine Steps to Happiness by David Lee Ph.D.
Nine Steps to Happiness by David Lee Ph.D.

The Happiness Handbook: The Art of Beneficial Change [Kindle Edition] David Lee

May 25, 2015

Length: 129 pages 

This book is for anyone who wants to be happier and have a more fulfilling life. It helps you identify and eliminate the causes of your frustration and unhappiness. Written by a man who defied the odds to become a rocket scientist, inventor, therapist, and most importantly, a happy person. This powerful book includes 15 downloadable audio recordings to help you reprogram your mind for success and fulfillment, all without conscious effort.

True happiness means going to sleep at night pleased and content with the day’s activities. It means waking up feeling refreshed and eager to get started. It also means taking pleasure in the everyday things that happen all day long, especially the relationships you have with others.

If you are stressed out, unhappy, stuck, or feeling hopeless, the information in this book can change your life! Full of concrete, well-researched information as well as a touch of humor, The Happiness Handbook will give you the tools and encouragement needed to improve your life, not just for today, but for the rest of your life!

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