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20 Little Known Countries That You Should Visit

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Many people have heard of countries like France, Spain and Italy, and many dream of going there or have already been. But if you’re looking to blaze your own trail and explore hidden gems, then these are the perfect countries to visit. Some of these countries are difficult to get into, but once you’re in, you will get a totally unique cultural and geographic experience.

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What Was Your World Like When You Were A Child?

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What was your world like when you were a child? Can you remember? Sometimes it’s hard, but I want you to truly put your mind to it.

Try to remember a time when you were happy, a time when you were really excited about something. Maybe you were looking forward to your father coming home, or a treat from your mother. A loving glance or a hug. Maybe playing with a pet. Try to remember a time when you felt really happy. Maybe it was just being alone, and playing all by yourself. When was the last time you felt this same sense of pleasure? Can you remember? Once again, put your mind to it. Accept whatever answer comes to you. It’s possible that you have never ever again experienced that same sort of happiness. It happens.

Here’s something very important for you. You can be every bit as excited and enthusiastic as before, and you can do this often.  It’s an art form, and it’s one that you can learn. Start now by imagining that scene from your childhood, that time of total immersion in your moment of pure pleasure. Then repeat this wonderful game any time you wish.


What can you learn from this simple exercise?  Think about it for a little while.  Notice how you can affect how you feel by consciously directing your thoughts.  Now here’s something to really think about… maybe you are doing this all the time!

Welcome to the TrueFortune’s Blog! “Your Path to Well Being and Better Living” with Dr. David Lee

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#livehappy – Universal truth… we all want to be happy.  We all think we know how to do this.  So that’s what we do.  We do the things that we think will make us happy.

Sometimes this works.  A lot of the time it doesn’t.  Because the usual roadmaps to happiness are biased.   They are misleading.  I’ll be happy if only I make enough money.  Or achieve enough success.  Or win that tournament.  Or get those awards, have a huge house, learn enough skills, and own his and hers Maserati’s.  We live in a society of money and power, fame (or notoriety) and scientific progress.  We grow up immersed in this broth of wealth and prestige and progress, so we naturally believe in these principles. 

It’s a mistake to pursue happiness, even though it’s our constitutional right.  Happiness firmly resists pursuit.  But it’s possible to set up your life so happiness is likely.  Like tending a garden.  You don’t prepare the ground, toss in seeds, and get instant results.  You have to maintain an environment that is conducive to growth.  The same for your life. 

There are definite steps you can take to bring happiness and peace of mind into your life.  They take time and determination.  Stay tuned in for more information.

Your task is to find happiness and peace of mind in a world that is increasingly full of challenges.

My task is to help you in this difficult endeavor.  We can work together. 

– David Lee

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