The Complete Happiness Handbook

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Published on Jun 1, 2015

If you are stressed out, unhappy, stuck, or hopeless, the information in this book can change your life! Full of concrete, well-researched information as well as a touch of humor, The Happiness Handbook will give you the tools and encouragement needed to improve your life, not just for today, but for the rest of your life! Get the complete 129 page book! Now on Kindle!…

The Happiness Handbook

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Here is your sample chapter from “The Happiness Handbook”

Chapter 2

The Art of Beneficial Change – Nine Steps to Happiness

By David Lee Ph.D.

Download here: The Art of Beneficial Change

Nine Steps to Happiness by David Lee Ph.D.
Nine Steps to Happiness by David Lee Ph.D.

What Makes Michelangelo’s David So Famous?

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Victor Coonin, an art history professor at Rhodes College in Memphis, TN, has recently published a book that sets out to answer this apparently basic question. From Marble to Flesh. The Biography of Michelangelo’s David is an attractively illustrated trade paperback that will appeal to Italy lovers and art lovers around the world – even, and perhaps especially, those without any art history training. We sat down with the author (virtually) and with Alexandra Korey, his editor at The Florentine Press, an independent Florence-based publishing house, who shared this daring journey with him.

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